Perchance to dream

Fan Fiction about Sean, non 18+

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Perchance to dream

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For VJ with love always
A wartime romance
A Sean and Viggo story
Love needs no apologies if you think it does please don't read.
Sound - a narrow passage of water between mainlands and islands known as Oresund in Denmark.

Perchance to dream...Danish coast August 1943

Chapter 1

He gently touched the creamy skin then moved his hand slowly down the sleeping man’s muscled back. He heard a deep rumbling voice, heard the laughter get closer and closer then smiling he opened his eyes. His dog was resting his head on the edge of the bed, gently whining to go out. As always he was alone, he sat up and wiped his hands over his face, unsurprised to feel tears on his cheeks.
‘OK boy, just a minute – let me grab my shorts.’
His dog ran eagerly out into the small ragged garden and the young man stood for a minute in a patch of morning sunshine trying to clear his head and make sense of the recurring dream. Who was the stranger haunting him and what did it mean?
‘Come on Arne; come on old boy, time for breakfast.’ He looked down rubbing the dog’s head when just for a moment he thought he felt and saw silky blonde hair beneath his hand. Looking down again at Arne’s dark, wiry fur he shivered, muttering
‘Someone walking over my grave?’
Later after coffee, bread and cheese he walked down to the harbour. People were crowded round old Christer’s radio. He hurried over, feeling his heart start to pound; it seemed they had lived in a world without good news forever. Why would today be any different? The morning sun could not reach nor warm their hearts as they listened to the German broadcast, the harsh accent grating to their ears.
“The Danish government has ignored the German ultimatum to declare a state of emergency and to condemn to death all captured saboteurs. The Danish government refused and has now resigned. Therefore the German occupying forces have declared a state of emergency and have formally assumed power. Denmark is now under German rule, an occupied country. Heil Hitler"
Old Christer, his eyes full of tears, shook his head and quickly turned the radio off.
Some people cried some stood with clenched fists and white faces. Some looked out across the water a wild longing for freedom in their eyes. In disgust the young man watched as his cousin Hagen laughed, cheered and raised his arm in salute. Then he shrugged his shoulders, spat on the ground towards the villagers and turned to go back to his office. No one dared to comment, the universally hated and feared Hagen was the richest man in the village. He owned the canning factory. He bought their catches and gave employment to their wives and daughters cleaning and gutting fish. He put bread in their bellies. He admired and did good business with the Nazis. Who could dare to speak against him?
Furious the young man turned and caught up with him, grabbing his shoulder and asking ‘Well Hagen does this please you? Don’t tell me you are happy to see us now completely ruled by the so called ‘master race?’
‘Foolish boy, business needs security to thrive and they are going to give us that. No more Jews, no more stupid saboteurs and so called resistance fighters. Order that is what we need, what the world needs.’ Hagen spat back, shaking off his cousin’s hand and then added sneering,
‘Grow up, stop dreaming, get a wife and hungry children to feed and look after and then you’ll soon see I am right. Or is what they say true, that you cannot get it up, you are not a proper man?’ Hagen climbed the stairs laughing; red faced and humiliated the young man slowly walked home.

Chapter 2
Summer slipped into autumn and Viggo settled back into his quiet routine of fishing, helping his neighbours and going home to his empty house. Even the dreams seemed to have stopped and sometimes he wept remembering what love felt like in his dreams. One night asleep and wrapped warm against the fierce autumn wind he found himself once again dreaming of gazing into green eyes full of love, he heard again that captivating rumble of laughter and now a deep voice called him.
He laughed in his dream for his name sounded so different the vowels stretched and somehow foreign. Then he awoke, aroused, aching but alone.
He quickly dressed and fed Arne. No time to think about his phantom lover today. The autumn wind was spitefully cold and he saw the sea ruffled with angry waves. He gulped some coffee and grabbing a hunk of dry bread he hurried down to his boat. He headed out along the coast keeping watch until in a small cove he could see Karl’s boat waiting for him. After he had drawn alongside and moored Karl offered Viggo a warming mouthful of akvavit then said.
‘We are trying to get organised, you have heard and you know what we must do; in every village we, the humble fishermen, are readying ourselves. Less said the better – are you with us?
‘Of course – you know I am. When?’
‘Two, three nights time, literally as soon as our group is passed to us. However, we have received a special request – we need to make sure your cousin’s boat is sabotaged and we...’
‘That bastard, I’ll douse it in petrol I’ll make sure he doesn’t spoil things.’
‘Viggo listen, we have a sabotage expert on his way back to Sweden who is happy to do this for us. You are a quiet young man; the Germans think you are of the same mind as your cousin, they ignore you and that makes you very helpful to us. Hagen watches us for his masters and passes information to them. Remember when they arrested and shot poor old Christer for helping that downed pilot? Yes, I’m sorry lad but that was Hagen’s work. He was well paid. Viggo all I can promise you is he who plays with fire gets burned’
Viggo bowed his head, ashamed.
‘Thank you for honouring me with your trust Karl so I may reclaim my family’s honour. I will await your message.’
‘By the way depending on the numbers that reach us you may have to take the saboteur on your boat.’
The following days small gifts of bread, coffee, and dried milk arrived for the ‘passengers’ even a box of biscuits carefully made with scant supplies.
‘For the little ones’ whispered Christer’s widow Mette as she gave them to him. He bent over and kissed her gently on the cheek.
‘This will be over one day then we will raise a statue to our hero, your brave Christer’
‘No, no statue for my dearest ugly old Christer. Do you remember how he loved to sit in the sun and feed the birds? Make for him a nice bench with his name on – that would please him so much’
‘With my own hands I promise’
That evening as he loaded his meagre supplies Karl called out to him from the quay.
‘Cold night, best get to bed early Viggo’
Two hours later he ruffled the top of Arne’s head, the dog whined then settled down by Mette’s warm fire. She gave Viggo a hug and kissing his forehead wished him a safe journey.

Chapter 3
Once aboard he made some coffee, mixed the dried milk powder then heated it on the tiny burner. A small van with sidelights on made it’s way down the track to the beach. He helped the little family climb up the nets onto this boat. They were cold and quiet. The three small children now warmly wrapped and safe in the tiny cabin sat in silence; wide eyed and shaking with cold or fear or both. His smile soon melted their fears and the warm milk and biscuit tin worked its magic.
He spoke quietly to the father and mother letting them sip their coffee and eat some bread before they set off. He explained it would be a very short journey and promised safety awaited them across the sound.* The trip would be in darkness and he explained it would be better not to talk because noise carries over the water and there were plenty of German patrol boats about.
‘I do not think we will ever see our home again. We must move on, make a new life in America or some safe place far away.’ The father said sadly.
‘We will miss all of you for if you do not return, it will be our county’s loss.’ Viggo replied softly. They smiled at each other and he started to turn over the motor when a load voice hailed the boat.
‘Oy, give us a hand mate’ a male voice shouted in dreadful Danish. Viggo shook his head, no it must be the wind or waves but somehow it sounded so familiar. Almost like his dream lover. He went outside, a figure in a black close fitting diving suit was climbing up, he threw his bag over the side then half fell, half jumped into the boat.
‘I forget you, I am apologising’ Viggo stammered in half remembered English.
‘Bloody hell! Were you going to leave me freezing me arse off in the bloody sound?’
Stunned Viggo shook his head however he got the general message and still speechless escorted the saboteur down into the tiny cabin.
The children frightened, whimpered as the strange figure pulled off his black head gear; Viggo also found himself whimpering. Then Sean poked his tongue out at the children making them laugh. He tried to smooth down his soft blonde hair then turned putting out his hand to Viggo who stood there mouth open as he gazed at sparkling green eyes and a smile to lose yourself in forever.
‘You alright? Me name’s Sean Bean, Sean to me mates.’
‘Yes, sorry, I’m Viggo welcome aboard, did you... my cousin?
‘Yes, don’t you fret Veegoh he’s already feeding the fishes – change of plan Karl told me your name and asked me to get him to leave the boat to you as you’re his nearest and dearest. I lied and promised him his life and safe passage to Sweden. But you see as I told him after he signed he still owed a life for that poor old man Christer and debts must be paid, justice must be served. Don’t worry they won’t find his body I made sure of that. That bigger boat’ll be useful to you - plenty of special work still to done.’ He ended with a smile and wink.
Finally Viggo moved then reached out and shook Sean’s hand. Later from his wheel Viggo glanced frequently at Sean who was keeping watch on the deck, Once Sean turned and again winked and smiled at him, he smiled back suddenly overcome by a wave of happiness. The silent trip was easy no patrol boats challenged them and they soon reached the port with their precious cargo.
On the quay they exchanged hugs and promises that one day they would all meet up again. The oldest child, a sad eyed boy still clutched the biscuit tin, his lips trembling. Sean knelt down and in his own brand of Danish said
‘You have proved yourself a brave man, look after your sisters. One day this will all be over. I promise. I’ll never forget you and I expect to receive an invite or maybe visit from you all one day soon.’
A smiling Swedish official checked their papers then said
‘Welcome to Sweden’
‘Welcome’ they whispered to each other ‘He said we are welcome, thank you so much Viggo and Sean. Blessings on you both’
An official escorted them over to a waiting car and they drove off, still waving as they disappeared into the night. Viggo stood watching as Sean spoke animatedly to one of the men on the quay. Then smiling he walked back to Viggo
‘Listen I’ve got to go back to Denmark in a few days time, just need to wait here for some more gear, you know what I mean. If I get a message to you maybe you could arrange to bring some more of these poor souls across and then you could give me a lift back to Denmark. What do you say?
‘Yes, yes, yes’ spluttered Viggo. Sean smiled then leaned close to him and whispered ‘That’s a date then Veeggoh’ his lips brushed Viggo’s then he turned and was gone.
Three days later Viggo happily delivered another little group to safety in Sweden. On the quay stood Sean, he helped the passengers off, pulled funny faces at the children and made them laugh. He calmed them and eased their first moments on a strange shore. An official arrived and took charge
Finally they stood alone looking at each other then Sean lifted his large bag and raised his eyebrows at Viggo asking.
‘This is OK with you Veegoh? I only need a bed for the night and I’ll be off before dawn only you look a bit worried’
‘No, it’s just, it’s a bit weird. Look I’ll tell you about it on the boat. Come on, shift your gear and your røv’[Arse]
‘Ah that’s so romantic - are you sweet talking me?’ laughed Sean.

Chapter 4
They were soon underway, Sean produced a bottle and they took just one warming gulp each; too many German patrol boats to watch out for. Within an hour they safely back and moored. Walking together up to his house Viggo blurted out
‘I dreamt of you, that is, I dreamt of you before we met. Your voice, your hair, your eyes, your smile, your gorgeous røv, I saw you in my dreams’
‘Bloody hell Veegoh, that is really weird. Sorry mate but I didn’t dream about you, that is, not until after we met. Then I woke up with a massive hard on and I tell you I was that embarrassed trying to get to the bathroom, which I might add was at the other end of a long busy corridor.’
Laughing they reached the door Viggo opened it then unable to wait another minute he frantically grabbed Sean, kissing him hard, pushing him back towards the bedroom and on to the bed.
‘We’re not going to make hot, unforgettable love to each other in our thick woollies, oilskins and wellie boots are we? Complained Sean. Thought not. Race yer first one naked gets to top.’ Giggled Sean. It ended in a tie which led to more laughter, fake wrestling then finally Viggo was on top of Sean who was laying face down still laughing and wiggling his ass. Viggo gently touched the creamy skin then moved his hand slowly down the muscled back. A dream come true except...
‘Oh no, hang on a minute Sean I’ll be right back’ he gasped racing away to the kitchen
‘What the...?’
Viggo jumped back on the bed almost squashing Sean.
‘Sorry needed something to erm ease the way, so sorry about the delay’
‘Ow that’s cold what the hell are you using?
‘Danish butter’
‘Best butter, now let me work my magic on you, it’s been a long time for me’
‘Me too mate, don’t spare the butter.’ Finally, exhausted they wrapped their arms about each other, sharing their warm breath and they slipped in a deep peaceful sleep safely entwined for nearly two hours before the tin alarm clock noisily woke them

Chapter 5
Sean slipped immediately from the warm bed and started to dress in the dark.
I’ll light the lamp’ Viggo said
‘Nah, some one might see the light and wonder what you are up to by yourself.’
‘Excuse me cheeky. I am a fisherman and we do get up in the early hours to catch the tide, no one will think anything of it.’
Sean took a minute to climb back on the bed and over Viggo, and then he kissed him on his nose announcing ‘Then you are a very poor fisherman ‘cos high tide was at midnight – we came in on it.’
‘Yes we did come several times if I remember. Where are you going then? How will you get there?
‘Listen love what you don’t know can’t hurt you or me.’
Sean was dressed and turned to heft his bag, Viggo leapt from the bed grabbing him, his arms tight around Sean his face buried in his neck
‘Coffee at least let me make you a coffee, please’
‘Listen to me you’ll see me again I promise. My own personal taxi to and from Sweden and a service that includes great sex – you bet you’ll see me again. But for now not a word to anyone - please.’ He smiled sweetly then ghosted his lips across Viggo’s mouth and opening the door silently left, the last of the night swallowing him up. In the quiet dawn Viggo heard an engine start up.
Winter was come; the fishermen had done a good job and managed to rescue nearly seven thousand of their compatriots taking them to the safety of Sweden. Viggo helped the resistance and he listened for a mention of the British saboteur. He never asked but kept his silence; sick to his heart that he might in some way betray Sean. His nights were filled with dreams of Sean wrapped safely in his arms. Dreams of them together hauling in the nets, laughing joking. Dreams of them warmed by the fire then tucking into bed. The smile, the green eyes, the tactile memory of how Sean’s skin felt under his hands. But sometimes he had nightmares full of blood, Sean’s warm smooth creamy skin now cold, rigid and white. His eyelids closed his mouth silent and stilled. His voice and laughter gone never to be heard again.

Chapter 6
1944 arrived with neither tolling of merry bells nor the lighting of great fires. Europe starved, cowered and shivered. Viggo wept alone. However as the snow melted tiny tendrils of hope began to appear amongst the people. Last year’s defeat of the Germans at Stalingrad had begun to slowly erode Germany and the Germans from within. Their people were now the refugees being driven out before the Russian advances; a faint whiff of their defeat was in the air. Among the ordinary people there was a growing belief that if they could just hang on a little longer they might finally live to see the death of Nazism. They nurtured a feeling that freedom itself was no longer an impossible dream.
Even Viggo felt his cold heart lighten but with no news or messages from Sean he tried to bury the dream of Sean returning to claim him. His hidden grief scoured him and slowly he let himself fall silent, grim, he worked hard, helped the resistance but no longer laughed or joked with his neighbours until sadly, they finally left him alone.
One morning after a bitter restless night he heard a tap on his door. He flung it open
‘Yes’ he growled
Mette stood there, a small basket over her arm, startled she jumped and backed away a little. Then raising her voice said.
‘A fine greeting to an old friend shame on you Viggo.’
She pushed past him and entered the cold quiet house. A sad Arne looked at his master and then went to her to be stroked, revelling in her gentle touch. Then she turned fiercely to Viggo saying.
‘Well young man this ends today you will sit down and tell me what is wrong and why you shun your friends and neighbours who like and respect you and have done you no wrong. Stop sulking, you are not a child; you will tell me now what is wrong.
‘Please sit Mette, forgive me my bad manners.’
They sat at the table opposite each other. Viggo looked at her wrinkled face suddenly remembering that terrible day when her elderly husband had been dragged onto the quay like a dog and shot in front of the frightened villagers. Yet still she had remained a kind neighbour with a gentle word for everyone.
‘All I can say Mette is someone I care about, love even, has vanished, gone and I do not know whether this person is alive or dead and I cannot ask’
‘Viggo, dearest boy let us be frank I do understand it hasn’t been easy for you to find someone to love. But this war has separated so many people, you are not the only one who waits in pain and silence for news’
‘I dream of ... him all the time. I dream I am holding him in my arms, his mouth is smeared with blood and I know he is dying. I would rather die than live alone any more. I have tasted love and I cannot bear to live any longer without him.’ Viggo felt the tears running down his cheeks, he lowered his head into his hands.
‘Viggo, have you so little faith? The white Christ and the old gods still look out for us. You remember how much Christer enjoyed his beer? I sometimes like to imagine him welcomed to Odin’s court in Valhalla as the hero he was and allowed all the beer he can drink forever. Even if only memories something always survives. My sad young friend, it seems there is at present nothing you can do. Let go and leave it in the hands of the gods.’
He sighed and looked up at her shaking his head
‘It’s not that easy’
‘No it isn’t, but at the end of the day what else can you do? Now enough misery I am going to cook for you a good breakfast which you will eat, then we will take your poor dog for a good walk and you will rejoin the world.’ She kissed the top of Viggo's head and he smiled up at her.

Chapter 7 ~ Near the Danish German border April 1944
The ground was cold and rough; he shivered as he crawled towards the goods train, then carefully rolled under it and attached the bomb. Then he crawled back to where Anders was keeping a silent watch in the shadows.
‘That’ll give the bastards a headache when it goes off’ he whispered.
They withdrew further into the shadows, ready to run during the confusion of the explosion. Sean checked his watch counting down
‘Five, four, three, two, one.’
The ground shook and the railway siding lit up, they grinned at each other, grabbed their weapons then ran back down the track and made for the broken wall. From out of nowhere a German soldier appeared running towards the fire. They saw each other at the same time but they were outlined by the fire behind them and the German was quicker. Sean heard Anders fire but it all seemed so far away and his legs were so tired that it seemed a good idea to drop his gun and rest in the darkness for a moment, just a moment.
‘Please don’t it hurts too much, let me rest here for awhile.’ He groaned but still that iron grip on his arm dragged him over bricks, somewhere he could hear a fast breathless conversation in Danish but he couldn’t seem to understand; then he awoke again on the cold metal floor of the van. The smell of petrol nauseated him and the pain tore through him again and again. He tried to stop whimpering, Anders warm hand was holding his, he heard a voice telling him to hold on but he returned gratefully to the darkness.
He was warm. He was in bed with Viggo who was laughing, kissing him, his grey eyes full of love. His wonderful mad Dane was holding him tight and he was safe. He nuzzled at Sean’s neck then he started to lick down his chest, Sean leant into the warmth, into the love then back into the darkness. They parked in the safe house garage. Erik got out and opened the van doors Anders shook his head as Erik asked
‘That bad?’
Anders nodded then replied. ‘I think we’re going to need a doctor and fast. There is so much blood and he no longer moves, his skin is white and cold. His breathing is shallow’
‘Can we risk it?’
‘We have to at least try he’s become a good friend to all of us. Listen, bring me some boiled water and rags ask the others see what they recommend. Someone must know of a safe doctor or even a nurse.’
‘Right I’ll lock the garage doors just in case.’ He touched Sean’s shoulder then bent over him and whispered
‘Don’t go, stay with us friend while we get help.’
Anders sat cradling him in the dark. He had taken off his coat and tried to wrap it round Sean hoping to keep him warm. The tousled blonde head started turning restlessly from side to side. Sean seemed to be trying to speak, Anders bent lower to listen.
‘Veegoh where’s Veegoh, I want Veegoh. Please take me to him.’
‘Shush don’t move we will take you to see this Viggo when you are better. You have been hurt – rest a little you’ll soon be up and tweaking the Nazi tail again.’
He flinched at Sean’s desperate sob pulling the shaking man closer and soothing him as he would his own young son.
‘There there’ he whispered stroking the damp hair.
He looked at his watch fifteen minutes passed before he heard the creak of the garage door he raised his gun. Erik whistled then Anders lowered his weapon.
‘Well any luck?’
‘Yes and no. Two suggestions; first get him across the sound to Sweden and into hospital there as quickly as possible. The second there is a doctor in Runestead, he is part of a downed allied pilots rescue route. He doesn’t want to know our names or Sean’s. We take him to a drop point leave him there and they will take over. They say the doctor has the facilities to operate and hide Sean until he is well enough to travel.’ Erik explained.
‘So really we only have the one choice - the doctor. Sean will never make it to Sweden alive without medical help. Are you sure this doctor set up isn’t a trap?’
Anders looked at Sean then at Erik he touched his shoulder speaking gently.
‘Listen Erik he is probably going to die whatever we do, at least like this he has a slight chance to survive. We’ll do what can for him.’

Chapter 8
'We’ve managed to rustle up a few supplies, antiseptic solution, some clean towels, clean water and some pain killers, I’ll stay with him and try and clean him. You go and tell the others what we’ve decided and start getting things moving. By the way we need to keep him quiet when we move him ask Anna if she can wake her chemist friend and get some strong knock out drops.' Said Anders crouching down by the wounded man.
They tried to wash his wounds with the antiseptic but it caused fresh flows of blood so they gave up and packed the clean towels on them. Then they tightly wrapped Sean in blankets so he couldn’t move. By now he was feverish, trying to move, calling out then lapsing into unconsciousness again. Anna had come through with some strong painkillers, enough to knock out a horse she promised. Her chemist friend had also advised them not to let him drink but only wet his lips in case there was a stomach wound. Anders held him as Anna forced his mouth open and emptied the drops down his throat. Sean’s eyes fluttered and he tried to turn away then he closed his eyes and sighed. They felt his body relax at least for now free from pain.
In the van they joined the morning traffic, Sean motionless and silent beneath a rough old tarpaulin with a few tools scattered over it. They drove slowly for an hour then reached a clinic on the edge of a small town. A large sign proclaimed it was a centre for treating TB and VD. They both laughed and nodded – no one would go there without a very good reason. A trolley was waiting outside the back door with a red blanket on it; they transferred Sean to the trolley. They tucked the red blanket on it around Sean then headed back to the van, sighing and shaking their heads they looked back once then climbed into the van and drove off.
He was in so much pain he thought he must be in the hands of the Gestapo. He could feel himself being lifted onto a cold hard table. He started to fight back but his arms were being strapped down and firm hands held his head still, then his mouth was covered he gasped and suddenly he was breathing gas. He surrendered, he knew he must be dying and he tried to recall Viggo’s eyes.
Light, bright on his eyelids and someone was holding his wrist. An insistent voice telling him to open his eyes but he was scared to do so. His brain was muddled with images of grey laughing eyes and explosions that made him feel dizzy but above all was pain and fear. He tried to swallow then slowly opened his eyes.
‘Welcome back young man, we didn’t think you would last the night but thankfully you are still with us’ said a smiling grey haired man, dressed in a white coat and wearing glasses. Sean tried to turn his head to see where he was; he finally managed to croak
‘Where am I, what happened, who are you?’
‘For all our sakes I will only answer your second question – you my friend managed to stop not one but two German bullets. I have had to remove your spleen. You have lost a lot of blood and you need to stay here for at least another week. Then, only if you are healing well will we make arrangements to get you home. I will give you an injection now to ease the pain you will sleep; then later perhaps a little water and soup’
‘Just one more question – what is a spleen?’
The doctor laughed shook his head administered the injection then left. Sean was alone with the pain and his thoughts. Finally he slept. Later they brought him water and soup and fed him tiny sips. He realised how thirsty he was and as his hands shook how weak he was. He lay trying to make sense of everything. All those months working away from the coast, using different routes when he longed to see Viggo but he had been so afraid that to get too close would put Viggo’s life in danger.
‘Maybe, if I survive and there is an ‘after the war’ I can go back. Maybe somehow, we could make a future together. If he still wants me, remembers me, dreams about me - daft bugger.’ Smiling he fell asleep again
A week later Sean was shakily managing to stumble around using a stick and lying by insisting to the doctor that he felt much better. Frowning, the doctor finally gave in deciding Sean’s anxiety was not helping his recovery. However outside the room he shook his head sadly thinking ‘Another brave fool, another hero.’ He could only hope the young man would survive long enough to be passed on down to the coast and make it to Sweden. Sean’s cover would be easy to maintain. If they were stopped he was a deaf and dumb fisherman returning back to his job as a crew member. He had been visiting his sister and family. Some photos of a family group were tucked in with his false papers. He would be dropped off on the bus route and he was to wait for a contact in a blue van to collect him. The password was ‘dreamer’ He smiled happily and took that to be a good omen.

Chapter 10 ~ Home at last
Three days later Sean sat on the wooden bench shivering in the cold wind. So far so good but he wished his contact would hurry up and appear, he felt dizzy and sick. Eventually he saw a blue van coming down the road. As instructed he remained seated. The van stopped and a man called out
‘Want a lift dreamer?’
Still in character he put his hand behind his ear then nodded and climbed painfully into the van next to the driver.
‘Here take some water friend – you look terrible. Been in the wars?’
Sean laughed and took the bottle drinking half of it down in one swallow.
‘You could say that, thanks.’
He slept almost immediately and the driver glanced worriedly at him. Two hours later they arrived at the small fishing port. Dazed Sean woke as the van stopped.
‘Come on, up you get easy does it Sean’ a welcome voice said.
‘Indeed it is, good to see you again. Heard you have had a rough time, take my arm no one is around we’ll get you in the warm and feed you’ll feel much better soon.’
They helped him into Karl’s warm house and into a chair by the fire. Sean looked round, it was so similar to Viggo’s cosy room and he was overcome by longing.
A strong drink was put into his hand, it warmed him a little and he smiled then drifted off to sleep again.
The driver jerked his head saying ‘Look at him Karl, how can you take him across tonight the wind is gathering strength he won’t survive the buffeting of the waves. How can you even get him onto the boat?’
‘I think you’re right but I have a run to make tonight I have no choice’
‘Is there no one you can trust to watch him and then try again tomorrow? I regret I can’t stay and help you but I must get back on the road to Copenhagen before curfew.’
‘Give me ten minutes, there is someone I trust who I am sure will help. Have a drink and something to eat at least.’
Viggo padded to the door opening it to see a rain soaked, windswept Karl.
‘Everything all right? Come in, you look troubled. Can I help ?
‘You remember the British saboteur? He has been badly wounded and passed down the chain to us here. I was supposed to take him over the sound to his people in Sweden tonight but he is too weak. The wind is getting stronger and I have other business I must go out to attend to. Can I ask you watch over him for tonight?’
Viggo held on tight to the door then took a deep breath and nodded quickly
‘Sean his name is Sean, give me a minute to grab some warm clothes and a blanket. If we bring him to my place, I can get Mette to check him, she is as wise as any doctor. She will help me tend him. People often see her coming over to sit with me and we stay talking late so they will not remark on it.
Of all the ways Viggo had imagined meeting with Sean again, he had always clung to happy reunions. He had never thought to carry him unconscious through the wind and rain. Mette was waiting by the door, she had built up the fire, placed a warm stone in the bed. The kettle was boiling and clean rags were waiting on the side.
Viggo laid him on the bed, cosseting him as he would a child. Then he stripped Sean’s wet clothes and looked at the damp dressings. He was please to see there was very little blood. He cleaned them and put clean cloth dressings on the seeping scars. He pulled out a warm nightshirt and gently lifted and dressed Sean, then covered him with the heavy feather duvet.
Mette came in, she gently touched the sleeping man, then felt his feet and legs which were cold as were his hands. She slipped her hand under the covers onto his abdomen and pressed gently he groaned and tried to twist away. She held his wrist and felt the slow tiny thread of his pulse. He groaned and tried to move again.
‘Well Mette what do you think? No heavy bleeding that’s a good sign isn’t? Isn’t it Mette?’ asked Viggo watching Sean’s white face.
‘We must pray so, why not lay next to him let your body warm him.’ She smiled at Viggo but back in the kitchen she wiped the tears from her face. A warrior was dying and the wind was rising and keening for his passing. She looked up at the clock, the tide would turn near midnight.
‘Sean, I don’t know whether you can hear me; the sea brought you to me. Do you remember what you said when we first met that I was ‘going to leave you freezing your arse off in the bloody sound?’ I loved you from that first moment and now you are brought back home to me and I can at last hold you again in my arms.’
Sean turned his head and opened his eyes whispering
‘Veegoh, is it really you? Where am I, am I home?
‘In my arms and in my bed at home where you belong.’ Viggo said as he bent and gently kissed the cold lips.
‘Good, that’s good. Veegoh I am so cold, hold me, hold me.’
‘Hush now, Mette said it is alright to wet your lips’ he touched a wet cloth to Sean lips and watched as his tongue licked the drops of water. Viggo looked at the cloth and the traces of blood. He swallowed his tears, he would be strong for his man, for his love.
‘I never thought I would find love, then you climbed into my boat. We have only had those few hours together, that one night. But I no longer feel cheated I waited a lifetime for you and you filled my life with love and at last you have come home to me. At last we are together - forever.’ Sighing he wiped away the little bubbles of blood on Sean’s lips.
Occasionally Sean opened his eyes and Viggo read there an eternity of love. His breath grew quieter and shallower. The time between each breath slowed and stretched out reaching towards eternity. Mette came in and put her hand on his shoulder.
‘Are you alright dearest boy?’
‘Yes, when it is time I will give him back to the sea. Did I tell you how the sea gave him to me? Here is a letter for Karl, I wrote it some ago. He is to have my cousin’s boat.’
‘It will be done. I can see your mind is set. Nearly midnight the tide will turn soon. I will watch with you if I may?
Unable to speak he nodded. A little later the wind roared, the tide turned and started to ebb. Sean’s soul slipped peacefully from his shattered body.
Arne howled and Mette hushed him.
‘The gods have taken him’ she whispered then embraced Viggo and kissed his cheek. She took Arne and went weeping to her home. She left Viggo’s door open and the wind blew in searching the rooms. Viggo lifted Sean into his arms and left the house. He walked down the beach and carried his dead lover into the sea. The ebb tide welcomed them then gently pulled Viggo and his lover out from the shore into the arms of the sea. Entwined, the sea welcomed them and carried them far out to leave them safe and at peace in deep water.

Epilogue The village 1972
He was darkly handsome and although obviously married and in love with his young, wife several of the girls sitting on quay glanced more than once at him as he and his wife strolled arm in arm along the quay.
‘I’m pretty certain this is the place. It’s a debt I’ve long owed.’ He turned suddenly at the sound of a scolding voice.
‘Viggo be gentle with your sister. Tsk children today no manners’
‘Excuse me I heard the name Viggo. I met a Viggo here during the war I have been searching for him. He took my parents, my sisters and me to safety in his boat. There was another man, British I think with him. He poked his tongue out and made us laugh - we hadn’t laughed for such a long time it was a magic moment for us. Do you know this Viggo?’
‘Well met and welcome, please sit down. This is your wife? I am very happy to meet you.’ Turning to the man he said
‘I am Karl do you remember it was me that fetched you in my van from the hideout that night? These are my grandchildren and this rascal is the youngest Viggo, named for his father who was named after your Viggo.’
They shook hands and the young man proudly said
‘I am David Levi and this is my wife Lena, we are on our honeymoon. Tell me are they still alive and smiling at each other in that special way. I would love to see them again’
Karl looked down, sighed heavily then explained.
‘I am very sorry to tell you this, especially at such a happy time for you both but they didn’t survive the war. It was very sad. Sean was badly injured and died over there in what was Viggo’s house. We had planned to take him to Sweden where he could be properly treated in hospital but that night a storm was brewing and we knew he would not survive the crossing. Sean died from his wounds later that night, as you sensed they were very close and we believe that Viggo drowned and died of a broken heart. Only one person knew the truth of the matter and she never spoke of it, she is many years’ dead now. Look at the name carved there, we are sitting on her husband’s bench, see the carving it commemorates brave old Christer who was shot by the Germans for trying to help a downed airman.
Come you see that bench over there with the waves and two fish carved on it? That is their bench, Sean and Viggo together in death for they have no resting place on the land.’ He looked at his hands ‘I built and carved both benches, part of my soul is in them.’
‘Thank you for telling me. I am truly sad to hear they didn’t live to enjoy the peace – such as it is sometimes. Often I have thought of them and those terrible times, their bravery and yes, their smiles when they looked at each other. Can you imagine I have lived longer than they had the chance to? So very young, so full of life, I hope they are happy together somewhere, they deserve it.’ A sudden smile then David asked Karl
‘May I buy some ice cream for your grandchildren? Come on shall we all eat too much ice cream, laugh and reminisce because we can here in the peace those young men dreamt of and died for.’

Fin - ??

Well perhaps not.... Perchance to dream redux...???


‘Veegoh I’m not going through this again. You were dreaming. I promise you I am not going to die from the orc arrows, its makeup, it’s only a film. What’s got into you, you daft Dane? Come here and listen I am going to be around for a long time so dry your tears, get your ass up here on this nice warm bed and lets make wild love.’


1/ Denmark was justly honoured as “Righteous among the Nations." Yad Vashem also honoured a handful of Danes who were not members of the official resistance. Members of the government, of the police, and even a few criminals, were also on the boats to Sweden. During a period of one month more than 7,000 Jews reached safety in Sweden, which received the refugees. Approximately 1,000 non-Jews also went to Sweden.
2/ My grandmother lived on an island, when an islander lay dying they used to say that their soul could only be released when the tide turned and started to ebb.
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Post by Govi » Sat Feb 12, 2011 3:11 pm

That's a lovely story Sharps! Well done!
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Dear Govi - s glad you enjoyed it. :-D
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That was really good! I love your story!
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Post by sharpshooter1 » Fri Mar 04, 2011 3:17 pm

Thank you - so pleased you enjoyed it. It is always such a pleasure to write stories abour our favourite man. :smile:
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What a wonderful, romantic little story! Thanks so much for sharing it with us!

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Thank you very much - it is such a gift when someone takes the time to say they enjoyed it. :-D
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Perchance to dream

Post by pthalo » Sat May 07, 2011 12:41 pm

Well done yet again Sharps, what a lovely story, it played havoc with my mascara though. The end of the story was such a relief, I could tidy my mascara and smile again, you hadn't let me down afterall, I do need a happy ending :rotflmao:
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How did I miss this when you posted it? That was lovely! Thank you! abighugs_gif abighugs_gif
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Post by Czechmade » Sat May 07, 2011 7:57 pm

Dear, you know that I am not the last ...
Thank you again for you dedication! Well done, to post it now, in a way of a reminder.
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Post by bean4me » Sat May 07, 2011 8:32 pm

What a wonderful love story. It brought tears to my eyes. And the setting during the war brought some history to me as I sadly did not know the resistance of the Danes and Swedes. Thank you. :-D
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