Wooing Spring

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Wooing Spring

Post by sharpshooter1 » Fri Mar 04, 2011 9:24 am

Wooing spring

Sharpe and Harper
Just playing ~ no filthy lucre involved ~ they belong to the divine Bernard Cornwell
*Also posted on Sharpe Thinking*
In the spring a young man's fancy turns ......
Warning? Love needs no excuse


‘Bloody country we are either freezing our balls off or collapsing from the heat’
‘Well you could be right there sir.’ Patrick consoled glancing at his captain who was muffled yet still shivering in the damp wind.
‘I remember we had seasons in England when I were a tyke. Four of ‘em aren’t there? Not sure when I was born but you can bet it was probably in November, fog, frost, rain, dark days and misery. When were you born Pat?’
‘Ah come on now sir, I think you must have been a spring babe. Me ma said I was born in the middle of summer and grew so well ‘cos we had a good harvest that year.’
He looked over at his captain, crouched down by the small fire. Shaggy blonde hair, shoulders hunched under a threadbare blanket. Long slender legs in tight green trousers stretched out catching the last of the warmth. He drew in his breath they were alone posted on point duty, maybe he could cheer his captain up.
‘Sir...’ he began.
Sharpe interrupted him looking puzzled then asked ‘Spring? Why on earth would you think I was born in the Spring?
Patrick moved closer gently enfolding his cold captain in his warm arms and laying him down on the ground. Sharpe lay quiet in his arms his heart beating faster. Still holding him Pat whispered
‘Your hair is full of golden sunshine and yellow like the daffodils in spring, he kissed the top of Sharpe’s fair hair. He then bent down and nuzzled the soft skin of his captain’s neck gently sucking at the skin.
‘You taste as sweet as a blade of fresh green grass’
His hand fumbled with the buttons then slid inside the jacket to rest on the smooth warm chest. He paused then stroked Sharpe’s tiny buds. They tightened and welcomed the touch of the gentle fingers. Sharpe’s breath hitched and his skin grew warm.
‘Sure, you feel as warm as the first rays of sun returned to awaken the earth.’
The moon brushed away a cloud and let Pat see Sharpe’s eyes burning with love and lust gazing up at him.
‘Your eyes are a soft green like the first shoots of wheat’ He then moved his hand down and cupping the heat between his legs continued.
‘You are hot like Spring warming the earth and causing the crops to grow’. His voice lowered and his lips touched Sharpe’s ear he breathed then whispered
‘The old ones say Spring waits for the male seed to be spilt and fertilize the earth only then will she reappear.’
Gasping Sharpe replied ‘Then let us pay her price and woo her.’
Full and hot as ripe summer fruit Patrick filled and warmed his beloved captain, Sharpe moaned and writhed his pleasure then suddenly paused and his hot seed was welcomed by the cold earth.
They slept well and come the morning a faint sun shone and the breeze was gentle with borrowed warmth
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