A mother's love

Fan Fiction about Sean, non 18+

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A mother's love

Post by sharpshooter1 » Sun May 15, 2011 6:15 pm

A mothers love.
The characters are not mine, no money being made. Respectful homage to Tolkien
AU ~ a wrong righted and a King made.
Tidying up my files found this story. Do not remember posting it. :dunno: I hope it will find favour with Boromir fans.
They had carried him down towards the river, away from the bloody rocks and the stench of dead orcs. Aragorn bent over the dying man, overwhelmed by the trust shown to him by Boromir, calling him his king and his captain with his dying breath. His hand gently rested on Boromir's blood stained chest; the faintest of whisper of breath and warmth still lingered. He had cut out the terrible arrows hoping to bring a little ease to the dying man. He looked across to Legolas and Gimli shook his head then said
‘A few more minutes I think before his brave soul leaves for Mandos Halls.’
He wiped the tears from his face as Gimli and Legolas came over, each one bending then touching their lips to Boromir’s forehead
‘Go in peace’ murmured the elf
‘Brave lad, well fought, God speed’ said Gimli as he brushed his hand over the blood stained blond hair. Boromir’s breathing had changed, each breath now slower than the last. Aragorn still knelt then looked up saying,
‘The boat I think, a fine ending for a great warrior, his sword, the horn ....’
He stopped astonished at the sudden silence and stood up bewildered. There was no sound from the river, not a leaf moved, even the breeze had stopped. The temperature dropped and Legolas and Gimli stood unmoving and silent, Legolas still holding the blood stained horn. Time had stopped
The air seemed to gather itself together and weave its very breath into a misty figure. A second or perhaps an age passed then suddenly she was there before him, no ghostly figure but a beautiful woman, her gown the grey of a misty morning. Red curling hair pulled up and held in place by two winged silver clips, slightly pointed ears, a regal bearing. Tear filled green eyes. In her hand she held a tiny faded rose.
Aragorn gasped at the sight of her; he remembered the beautiful Finduilas buried in a gown of grey silk with silver clips in her hair. A small tearful Boromir tucking a rosebud into her cold hand. He bowed his head, his hand touching his chest in respect.
She knelt over the broken body of her beloved eldest son gathering him to her, holding him in her arms and covering his white, silent face with tiny kisses.
‘Boromir, Boromir my beautiful faithful jewel’ she whispered and stroked his blood streaked hair. Then she looked up staring fiercely at Aragorn.
‘Lady, are you come to escort your son’s soul to the Halls of Mandos? We are honoured by your presence. He was a great warrior and we will make sure his name is never forgotten...’ He faltered, her eyes held such anger and pain that suddenly Aragorn was afraid.
‘Thorongil, as always you run from commitment. Do you think you had the right to change his destiny? It was not written that it would take the blood and death of my son to persuade you to take up your crown and obligations. Boromir’s destiny was not to die here, on this wretched patch of soil. All this time he waited for a kind word from you, an acknowledgement of what you owed to Gondor, he fought next to you. He tried to inspire you when he spoke of the white tower and trumpets welcoming you home to your kingdom, to Gondor. This very morn he struggled frantically with lure of the ring, he was desperate and you ‘oh mighty king’ spared not a kind word, nor a hand on his shoulder to comfort him, to help him; as a king should. Where was that moment of hope you owed him - Estel?’
Aragorn knelt at her feet and bowed his head low.
‘You are right. I accept I failed Boromir in every way. Yet out of this bitter failure I have been reborn. Never again will I deny my destiny and let Gondor and her people struggle alone. I accept the kingship. I will do my duty. This I can promise with all of my heart and soul’ he remained kneeling, his head bowed, shamed.
‘I have shaken the very halls of Mandos and even Eru has bowed before a mother’s wrath and love for her son and allowed me this time to right that wrong. Listen well Aragorn; if you have finally accepted your destiny and have taken up the burden of kingship then you should remember the king’s hands are healing hands. If you are now truly in your heart and soul king you will heal my son. This is your first test of kingship, if you succeed he will recover to ride at your side, to rescue his little ones, to be your champion, to fight at your side and he will hear the silver trumpets welcome you both home.
His destiny was always to be your wise steward, your friend, your companion, he was to be there to take care of and pride in his brother, my beloved Faramir. Boromir’s destiny is to die an old man, surrounded by love and honour.’ She stopped and again looked down gently kissing her son’s closed eyes, whispering in his ear.
‘Boromir, you have ever filled me with pride. Take heart dear one, you will soon awake and the pain will be gone and all will be well. Your king will heal you. Farewell until we meet again.’ She tucked the faded rose between the cold fingers holding his sword.
‘Do not fail me in this Aragorn’ she warned.
She then stood up and inclined her head to him; slowly she faded and vanished.
Aragorn heard again the sounds of the river; the branches again trembled in the breeze Legolas and Gimli came towards him asking.
‘What happened? You alright? You seemed to have been lost in thought there for a minute.’
Aragorn felt a surge of power and confidence within him that he had never tapped into before.
‘Legolas bring me some Kings Foil er Athelas I think you call it - you know the herb I mean. Hurry.’
‘But Boromir is dying .... of course the king’s hands can heal. Yes I will return as soon as possible’ replied Legolas delighted and awed by the suddenly powerful, radiant figure of Aragorn.
‘Gimli put your axe to work man we need a good fire and some shelter for our companion’ he called.
‘On my way and good for you Aragorn, ‘never say die’ I always say’ the dwarf swung his axe and went to attack the tangled bushes.
Aragorn knelt by Boromir, his breathing was still incredibly slow the tiniest flicker of life. Aragorn gently opened the tattered stained silk shirt he kissed the raw, torn flesh then laid his hands on the wounds. He took a deep breath and called back Boromir’s sunny smile, the careless strength he so readily offered, and the long stride that melted the miles. The generous hands that slipped extra rations to his little ones. The loving heart that cared so deeply for Gondor, for his people for his brother and his father. He called back the courage and the honour of this dear man.
Beneath his hands he felt stronger breaths and a warming. He touched Boromir’s hands they too were warmer. A bright smiling Legolas gave him a handful of Athelas and then went over to fire where Gimli was already boiling water. A fragrance of herbs and hope filled the glade.
Several hours later under the smile of the moon and the light of the stars Boromir awoke. Aragorn heard him stir and sat up.
‘Welcome back wanderer, you had us very worried for a while’ he said tucking the blanket closer round Boromir and smiling down into the wide green eyes.
‘I thought I had died I was with my mother such a beautiful dream to be held once more in her arms.’ He sighed then frowning lifted his hand to the firelight opening it, in his palm lay the tiny rose, fresh and scented as the day he picked it for her. Tears filled his eyes he tried to speak.
‘Hush Boromir, some things have no words to describe them, we should not try to speak of them. Suffice to say you are loved by many here on Arda and that you are watched over from the unseen realms. All you have to do is rest and recover, let time and destiny take care of everything else.

The rest of course is history.
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Post by Way2prickly » Sun May 15, 2011 7:24 pm

That was wonderful! Thank you for sharing your gift!
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Post by Cymbalom » Sun May 15, 2011 9:12 pm

Oh, wonderful, Sharps! :runaround:

I just couldn't believe that they actually let him die when I had fallen crazy in love with him. Thanks so much for publishing the *real* ending for Boromir's story!

:bigthanks: :thankyou: :bigthanks: :thankyou:

Angie :inlove:
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Post by Moominmamma » Mon May 16, 2011 6:09 am

Once again that was beautiful and I am sitting at the computer welling up, but in a good way. Thank you! :-D abighugs_gif
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Post by sharpshooter1 » Mon May 16, 2011 7:44 am

So pleased you have enjoyed this little story - I too wept and railed against Boromir's death when I watched the film. The innate honour that Sean brought to this role made Boromir the most unforgettable character for many of us.
Many thx for all your kind comments.
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A mother's love

Post by pthalo » Mon May 16, 2011 8:45 am

Oh Sharps, you have done it again, beautiful story, lovely happy ending as well :congrats:
Many thanks to Luinelle's Gallery for Avatar
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Post by mipa92toka » Mon May 16, 2011 9:13 am

Thank you so much for posting this! What a lovely story!
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Post by sharpshooter1 » Mon May 16, 2011 9:31 am

This story was written c2008 - there are two companion pieces that I posted in 2008 on TMB
'Evil never sleeps' and 'Echoes of echoes.' I think you will like them as you have enjoyed this one.
Hugs to you all and thank you for your many kind words
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