Man's best friend

Fan Fiction about Sean, non 18+

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Man's best friend

Post by sharpshooter1 » Tue Jun 26, 2012 6:58 am

Man’s best friend
Dedicated to CM, the wonderful Badik and all owners who have meaningful conversations with their pets.
Sean and Viggo belong to themselves – no disrespect just borrowing them for a little gentle fun
Man’s best friend
Middle of April ~~~~~~~~~~~~~
SB ‘No I’m fine, I’m getting over it. It’s the empty house bit I can’t get used to. Say again? Get a dog? What planet are you on? What am I going to do with a dog? Yes, I know I work from home most days but what about when I have to travel? And I’ve got a couple of new contracts opening up and I will be gone for a couple of weeks mid summer. Look Sis I know you mean well but ... what did you say? You and Mum will look after the dog while I’m away and your neighbour’s dog has just had puppies but they’re not pedigree and one of them looks like me. Ha! Ha! And I’ll have you know my hair does not flop all over my face but is carefully cut to look casually windswept. He's a what? A great Dane cross? what sort of dog is that?

Early May ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
SB ‘No he’s fine and so far no major damage, my slippers got chewed and the house does pong a bit. No I don’t think it’s a daft name. What’s wrong with Zeus anyway? Well I think it’s a very classy name and no, people won’t laugh at me in the park. Alright see you at Mum’s for lunch on Sunday, take care love, bye.’

Late summer ~~~~~~~~~~~~~
SB ‘Who’s a handsome boy then? Haven’t you grown you are almost as tall as me when you put your paws on my shoulder. Yes I know you are pleased to see me home but could you get down and stop licking my face then I can give you a treat. Cupboard love, there you go. Well chew it don’t swallow it whole. No you are not having another one; don’t make those eyes and that whining noise at me ... alright just one then Daddy will get changed and take you for a nice walk. Oh no did I just say Daddy?

In the park ~~~~~~~~~~~~~
SB ‘Zeus, Zeus leave the nice dog alone. I said leave the nice dog alone. Sorry madam. He doesn’t mean it, he’s very playful. Yes I am sorry, yes I will.’
‘Right that’s it; I’m going to put your lead back on. No come back, Zeus, come back here. Bloody dog. Oy I said come back, puff, puff, pant’

10 minutes later ~~~~~~~~~~~~~
VM Hi, he’s a bit of a handful isn’t he? He’s still young and lively. You know they hold some good puppy and dog obedience classes in the community centre over there. Want to come along next Saturday? Surprisingly the dogs enjoy it.’
SB ‘Yes he’s just young and playful... wheeze, puff ... Good idea I might go along. What’s your dog called? Is he a pedigree?’
VM ‘Thor, and no he’s a Heinz 57mutt but you’re still such a handsome boy aren’t you?’
SB ‘Deep sigh’ as Thor’s owner bends down patting his dog and showing his very neat arse nicely covered by tight blue jeans.

The community centre the following Saturday ~~~~~~~~~~~~~
SB ‘Zeus you didn’t just let yourself down you made me look a right idiot as well. No don’t look at me like that, naughty boy, fancy piddling in the corner ‘cos the old witch shouted at you for not sitting still. Honestly. Come on I still love you, stop looking so woebegone. Wonder where that bloke is, the one who recommended these stupid classes.’
Later at home ~~~~~~~~~~~~~
SB ‘Pant, who’s a tired boy then, puff, chasing all over the park. Hope it did you and me some good running around like lunatics- puff. Right quick shower then I’m off to meet this new contact, see what he has to say about the wonderful world of off shore drilling. I’ve left Heart fm playing on the radio so no howling. Just settle down and go to sleep. I mean it.’

Later that evening in local pub restaurant ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
SB ‘So I’ll look forward to seeing you on Monday, I think you have some sound propositions and I’d like to take a closer look at them. Take care, and you too, bye.’
SB ‘Sigh, might as well go home not much doing tonight; look out you’re spilling your beer over me. Oh hello it’s you’
VM ‘I’m so sorry, how clumsy let me wipe your jacket and buy you a drink.’
SB ‘My jacket’ll be fine and yes thank you I’d love a G&T ice and a slice please. Where are you sitting? Over at that table OK.’
VM ‘I was hoping to see you at the obedience class today.
SB ‘I went but you weren’t there. The old witch who held the class shouted at Zeus and Zeus piddled on the floor. I nearly did too. Scary woman.’
VM ‘Oh no you went to the morning class led by Ivy Berringer, right terror she is; scares me as well. No, come next week to the afternoon class at 2.30 Mandy Taylor runs it, much calmer and less shouting.’

The community hall afternoon early September ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
MT ‘... and finally a certificate for Zeus – he took his time but he got there in the end. Well done and congratulations to Mr John Behan and Zeus.’

Later that evening ~~~~~~~~~~~~
VM ‘Bet you thought Zeus would never make it?’
SB ‘Aye there were moments when I almost gave up. What do you fancy eating tonight, my turn to cook?’
VM ‘Your chilli con carne out of a can and heated to boiling point in the microwave then poured over your soggy rice can’t be beat. I only want the dessert’ Laughter
SB ‘You ungrateful sod. Look, got something really serious to ask you. My family are dying to meet you and we are invited to lunch at their place next Sunday. Would you like to come?’
VM ‘I’d love to’
Sloppy noises, Zeus and Thor safe curled up in their separate baskets roll their eyes and whine softly.
Next morning in the kitchen on the phone ~~~~~~~~~~~
SB ‘He said thank you very much and he would love to come. Mum, I think you’ll like him, he makes me happy. He’s very kind, he’s such a really nice person and he’s very handsome to boot!’
M ‘So are you my pet, he’s a lucky man. He’s certainly been good for you and that’s all that counts. By the way John what’s his name?’
SB ‘Victor, and we are bringing the dogs Mum’

... and they all lived happily ever after.
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Post by Moominmamma » Tue Jun 26, 2012 7:07 am

What a delightful little story! Made me chuckle all the way through and made a lovely start to the day. *Hugs*
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Post by sharpshooter1 » Tue Jun 26, 2012 7:41 am

Dear Mooms - So glad it made you smile - walking in the park the other day and noticed a rather sweet young blond man arguing with his dog - who was twice his size and taking absolutely no notice. Sean and Viggo immediately came to mind! Have a good day - :lol:
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Post by Cymbalom » Tue Jun 26, 2012 11:42 am

Oh thank you for that great story! It's great for those of us who have seen (ogled) so much of Sean, because we can picture him saying all this. Sean and a dog --- perfect Sunday afternoon cuddle material! :-D

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Post by sharpshooter1 » Tue Jun 26, 2012 12:31 pm

Yes, I agree Sean keeps appearing in my mind in various situations. Hee! hee!

Very happy you enjoyed the story and thank you for your kind comments.
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