Sweet and tender care

Fan Fiction about Sean, non 18+

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Sweet and tender care

Post by sharpshooter1 » Fri Oct 05, 2012 12:52 pm

Sweet and tender care.

These wonderful characters are the property of the magnificent Bernard Cornwell, just spinning a yarn.
For CM always.
Rating - sentimental

A strong wind mauled their tents, flapping the canvas letting in the drumming rain to spitefully wet their clothes and bedrolls. They were camped among some stone ruins that allowed them enough shelter to light two small fires. The water was almost boiling and they searched their pockets for tea leaves to make their beloved tea, black and bitter but also hot to swallow and warming all the way down.

A rough salute from a bedraggled Harris as he entered camp
‘No sign of any Frenchies so far, they got any sense they’ll be somewhere dry and warm not like us stuck in the middle of nowhere’ he called across to Harper.
‘Off you go get yerself some hot tea and a warm up, bit of a fire going under the rocks over there.’ Replied Harper

Harper glanced across at his captain. Sharpe was dozing his long legs stretched out to the feeble warmth of the fire. He noticed his captain wince in his sleep as he moved one of his legs. ‘Poor bugger that thigh wound never properly healed, this cold and wet plays havoc with it and now he’s got a bit of a fever and me with not a single a maggot left’

Sighing Harper went back to the men they had managed to build their small fire in a corner of the ruins sheltered from the wind.
Harper took a warming swallow of his tea ‘Sarge’ Hagman began looking round at the others they nodded in unison.
‘Sarge’ he began again ‘You remember that last village, the one where all the people were dead or had fled’
‘Yes and ?’
‘Well you and the captain thought that there was nothing left to take no food no grog ...’
‘For heaven’s sake spit it out Hagman’
‘Well Cooper found a small jar there and it contains honey; nothing better for wounds Captain Sharpe usually has his fair share of them so we saved it like. For a rainy day ’
Relieved Harper smiled happily ‘Well done lads give it over and I’ll pack and bandage his wound now. By the way if you did find some grog I would not say no to a mouthful for me and the Captain.

He went over and gently laid his hand on Sharpe’s forehead. It was hot and not from the warmth of the feeble fire. He started to gently ease the tight rousers down the wound was infected again, red around the edges and hot to touch. Sharpe shivered and bit his lips against the pain’
‘Sssh soon have you feeling better, lads have got a bit of honey, soon heal so it will.’
Cooper tapped him on the shoulder and handed him a small earthen ware jar sealed with a piece of cork and a leather flask.
‘There you go Sarge, enough for a couple of mouthfuls’ Cooper said.
Harper raised his eyebrows saying ‘I knew it. I’ll let you off this time but in the future
hand it over and I’ll look after it. You know I’m a fair man and you know how the captain feels about drink in the ranks.’

He opened the jar and took a good scoop of honey then gently smeared and pressed it well into the wound. He covered it with a handful of dried Calendula.
‘That’ll do you sir, soon be better, now get this down you’ He held Sharpe and made him take a swallow of the hot tea well seasoned with a large dose of the rough brandy. Sharpe coughed, struggled and waved his arms about. Harper wrapped him back in his blanket then Sharpe settled and slipped back to sleep.

Before dawn the rain stopped and the sun slowly rose; the soaked land warmed and through the mist a voice was heard calling ...
‘Oy Harper you lazy bugger where’s me tea?’
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