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Post by soulmate » Sun Nov 25, 2007 8:19 am

Kerrylass, here are the winners of the qualifying games:
Poland, Portugal, Italy, France, Greece, Turkey, Czech Republic, Germany, Croatia, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Romania, the Netherlands and the joint hosts Austria and Switzerland.

Defending Champions: Greece
(and my goodness - that was a party when Greece has won the last time - even we in Munich have been on the streets until 2 am, jumping around with our greek flags, driving in car-parade up and down Leopoldstreet)
It is the first time since about 20 years that England is not in - and they invented soccer!!! Btw. - due to my informations the oldest soccer-club in the world is in Sheffield!!! (not SUFC, though :-)
Here is a link what papers said about the sad game - I have not enough knowledge about McLaren to have a real oppinion .
http://www.whoateallthepies.tv/2007/11/ ... roa_1.html

But - beside crossing fingers for Germany of course - deep inside I pray for the greek team - nick "The Pirate Ship" :-) - noone can celebrate like them, and I am in love with their coach Otto "Rehakles", who was once a German, but turned out to have a greek soul :-))))

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